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Train The Trainer – DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training Certification

Train The Trainer – DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training Certification

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Training for DOT specimen collections is required by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). This training program includes certification as a trainer for DOT urine specimen collections.

Get qualified to train Collectors and your staff for DOT urine specimen collections.

With this program, your certification can be obtained from the comfort of your home or office. Learn to train others in your office to collect for DOT drug testing. 

The DOT Urine Specimen Collector Train-the-Trainer Program is designed to educate collector trainers on how to train others in the  CFR  49 Part regulations. In particular, it will cover:

  • How to stay up to date with changes to the regulations
  • The regulations regarding collector training requirements
  • How to assess collector understanding through a written exam and mock demonstrations

Upon course completion, a successful Train-the-Trainer will be able to:

  • Answer common questions about the regulations and their changes
  • Utilize resources to find the answers to more complex questions about regulations and their changes
  • Train new collectors on the regulations and assess their understanding of the regulations through a written examination and mock demonstrations according to 49 CFR Part 40.33




I, understand that by enrolling in the specimen collector certification course, I am undertaking a certified test to become a qualified specimen collector. I acknowledge that this certification process is legally binding and that it is illegal to enroll in the course, obtain certification, and subsequently request a refund. I am committed to completing the course with full understanding of the legal implications and responsibilities associated with certification. By purchasing this course, I affirm that I comprehend the significance of this certification process and the legal obligations it entails. I understand that any misuse of the certification or fraudulent behavior will result in legal consequences. 


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